DORAEMON Characters

Doraemon is a "cat-shaped" robot, "born" on September 3rd, 2112, and
sent back in time to protect and assist Noby, and generally make sure his
legendarily tragic life turns out for the better. To help him in this effort,
Doraemon can produce an infinite array of futuristic secret gadgets from the
4th Dimensional Secret Gadget Pocket on his tummy. Unfortunately, Noby's propensity for misusing these
gadgets — combined with Doraemon's occasional lapses in judgment — usually causes even more trouble.
10-year-old Nobita Nobi, or Noby for short, is lazy, uncoordinated, and a terrible
student... but at least his heart is in the right place. When his great-great grandson Soby
arrives from the future and tells him about the misfortunes awaiting him later in life, Noby
resolves to change his ways in hopes of making things turn out better for him and his descen-
dants. With Doraemon's help, Noby tries his best... but it's an uphill struggle, and life with a gadget-carrying robot cat from the
future is fraught with temptation! Noby himself often comically laments, "Why do I make such poor choices?"
Smart, attractive, and athletic, Sue is a popular girl in Noby's school. One of Noby's
best friends, she sees beyond his shortcomings and is quick to come to his
defense. When she's not studying or playing sports, she can usually be found
practicing violin... and boy, does she need practice!
One of Noby's classmates, his real name is Takeshi, but everyone
just calls him "Big G." He's not only big for his age. He's big for
any age! Big G plays a little rough, and some might even call
him a bully, but deep down, Big G is a simple guy with a big heart. He harbors a
not-so-secret passion to be a great singer, and doesn't let his complete lack of talent stop
him... much to the dismay of his friends and neighbors! He is intensely protective of his sister,
Li'l G, but terrified of his strong-willed mother.
Another one of Nobita's classmates, Sneech is well-spoken, artistic, and
above all, extremely proud of his family's wealth. He's constantly
showing off the very latest toy or video game that he's acquired, usually
before it's even available in stores. Secretly a bit insecure of his height, Sneech dreams of
public adoration and fame to match his fortune.